25 November 2009

Why do I call them gun cretins?

Not all gun owners are gun cretins.

Take Me, believe it or not, I own guns and believe they are dangerous items that need to be regulated and work toward that goal.

On the other hand, there is a small minority of irresponsible idiots out there who see a hint of regulation and do all sorts of stupid things. For some reason "gun rights" is the ultimate wedge issue that can get people to support positions which are a threat to their economic interests.

It seems that the group Gun Owners of America has been hunting for a way into the health care debate for three months.

I have been waiting for that shoe to fall.

My predicition is that people will eventually get sick of all this talk of gun rights and irresponsible gun owners. It would be nice if this blog were a wake up call to the gun cretins, but that's hoping for way too much.

More likely this would be a resource to counter the "bumper Sticker" arguments along with Doug Henigan's book Lethal Logic.

"Gun rights" do not trump people's rights to live healthy and safe lives. Guns do not make a society safe.