18 November 2009

Makes one want to become a Luddite.

Citygirl at Mudflap Bubba's had some criticism about her Blackberry. This follows on that line.

My Senior has been trying to get me to buy one of the things. There is indeed a temptation since my Palm pilot is totally wonky. The digitiser makes using it quite interesting. Fortunately, I am clever enough to have some work arounds for this problem.

I really only need the thing because I have to keep a diary of court appearances. And, it amuses me whilst sitting in Court. Despite the Courtroom dramas, being in Court is boring as fuck.

There are disadvantages to reading in court. One being that some tipstaffs will tell you that you can't read (unless it's a brief). Of course, you can only read a brief so many times. The other problem is if the book is engrossing in anyway, you will lose attention to what is going on in court.

That means play games on the old palm. I usually play Solitaire (Bristol is my fave version since it is pretty easy), but I have Nine Men's Moris, Go, Tetris, Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Dope Wars. The last one was given to me by someone who was representing the prosecution, which seemed ironic. Scrabble using my rules can be too amusing for court.

I refuse to give up my toy!

Anyway, I had this computer security panic that my Senior's (the QC I trail after) e-mail account was compromised. That meant I decided to change his password, which buggered up the e-mail being sent to the Blackberry. Thus, I was sent to the mobile phone shop where QC is a "regular" (he has 20 phones and a seriously addictive personality).

The rep sorted us out. But it was far more complicated than I would like.

Not to mention I see the new phones on the market. It seems that the iPhone is becoming the trend. I just want a bloody phone and none of the other crap for chrissake. I'd probably get rid of the mobile altogether except it is useful when traveling.

Otherwise, mobiles are the bane of modern existance: especially the morons walking down the street or elsewhere texting. I could go on a long rant about mobile phone rudeness.

Here is a nice fantasy from Mobile to end this post.