02 February 2010

Comment policy

Now that I am accepting comments, I thought I would put out a policy.

I have always had the policy that "can offer intelligent and constructive comments"

Likewise I have made it clear that I will even just delete comments without even bothering reading them from certain people. I really do just send them to the electric dustbin based upon "handle".

In particular those who are thought adverse since they can't "offer intelligent and constructive comments" by definition. Of course, that doesn't stop them from trying to comment. That is the nature of hubris.

Likewise, try to read my stuff. You will be deleted if you don't have some ideas of where my interests lie. For example, if my last week's posts are about DRM, please don't comment about Brittany Spears. That's a sure road to the electric dustbin as well.

Furthermore, No comments from Anoraks, unless they are intelligent and constructive. Although, Steve may freely comment, especially if he has put up caps of Daljit Dhaliwal or Mishal Husain. I mean what's with him putting up caps of Zeinab Badawi???


white rabbit said...

Did you know that the stereotypical anorak is called a snorkel parka?

The garment, I mean - not the obsessive individual of the same name.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Indeed, I did. But I was referring to the obsessive individuals, in particular the armed ones in the States.

Although, the idea of a comment from an anorak does seem a bit surreal, especially an armed one.

Snorkel parkas don't kill people, but snorkel parkas with guns kill people!

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Some people are incredibly stupid and do not understand the concept of moderated comments.

I am under no obligation to post your comments.

Neither do I need to read them.

So, tough shit.