18 November 2009

There's hope yet

Man With the Muckrake has an interesting post about how exposure to chemicals in the brains of male foeti change change their patterns of play. In this study, the frequency of engaging in "typically masculine play" decreased with a greater foetal exposure to certain phthalates in males.

Muckrake asks: "If the phthalate exposure neutralizes the male aggressive gene, will the military find it more difficult to find recruits to fight in future wars?"

This could prove yet another glitch in the gun lobby's attempt to raise sales in a saturated market. I mean who will buy firearms if males become less aggressive? Of course, they can raise the panic level the way gun cretins usually do by creating fear of crime.

Will this change the attitude of the pro-life crowd since they don't want to procreate "effeminate" males? Will they use Amniocentesis to deterine that they kid won't be macho? I mean they want those macho men who love the smell of gunpowder instead of wimps who think guns are dirty, loud, and noisy.