28 November 2009

Nanny State State indeed

I like to point out that the Second Amendment was supposed to protect us from Standing Armies by ensuring a Swiss Style military; however, it has been perverted beyond recognition.

How many Second Amendment advocates would be willing to give up their time for the required military drill...

And lifestyle! Somehow in amongst all the talk about the Swiss military and its guns, people seem to have missed that the Swiss military is under the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection, and Sport! As their website says: We provide security and physical activity!

It's not just about shooting guns! Federal Office of Sports (FOSPO), responsible for sport policy, the National Youth Sports Centre Tenero and the Youth and Sport organisation. This is from Federal Office of Sports (FOSPO)
The Federal Office of Sport FOSPO in Magglingen promotes sport and physical exercise in Switzerland and its positive, useful and necessary role in society. It is a centre for services, education and training for Swiss sport and a sport scientific centre of excellence. Furthermore it establishes optimum conditions for sports facilities of national importance.

And they talk about the Nanny State! What would these out of shape gun cretins do if they were told to exercise!?!?!?!? They bitch about national health care.