30 November 2009

Saint Andrew's Day Festivities!

Well, it's Saint Andrew's Day and I am going to eat Haggis, Tatties n neeps, and boiled cabbage. Maybe I'll watch Andrew Marr's The Making of Modern Britain, Since I am alone in the city place, not to mention that I am south of the border--my wife asked if Andrew Marr is Scottish.

What a stupid question!

I didn't really think about it, but Andrew is Scottish! What a way to celebrate St. Andrew's Day. Eating haggis, drinking whisky, and watching The Making of Modern Britain on DVD.

Personally, it would be more fun to have him and his family around to drink some Scotch than watch him on the the tube, but.

I'll just have to make do. But it would be fun to have him come around wearing a Cameron of Lochiel kilt and 1972-era stripy Man at C&A tank-top.

Sorry, but you'll have to imagine Andrew in a kilt.