24 November 2009

Paradox on BBC One!

I am not sure how much hype is involved in BBC One's series Paradox, which is starting tonight at 21h00. It does star Tamzin Outhwaite which I am not sure how that bodes. I never saw her on EastEnders since she is best known as Melanie Owen. I saw Red Cap which I give a 6 out of 10, not sure how I managed to watch the entire series: perhaps due to Tamzin being the star of the show. Or perhaps due to masochism.

Oh, yeah, I can't forget that she was also in Hustle (A Touch of Class) and Hotel Babylon.

Anyway, Paradox has been compared to the Minority Report since both series deal with future crimes and stopping them. I like that Wikipedia describes the Minority Report as "The story mainly concerns the paradoxes and alternate realities that are created by the precognition of crimes when the chief of police intercepts a precognition that he is about to murder a man he has never met."

The Beeb writeup of Paradox is:
Mysterious images that show incidents 18 hours before they happen are transmitted from space. As a space scientist attempts to explain their source, detectives race against time to change the future.

Well, one episode won't kill me!