04 November 2009

45limpdick is more like it.

There is a cretin out there who calls himself 45superman.

I didn't know that Superman needed a gun to fight for "truth, justice, and the American way". In fact, I thought he was the man of steel and could let bullets bounce off him. Someone like that DOESN'T need a gun.

One the other hand, this cretin, 45limpdick, should shoot himself with his 45 and see if bullets bounce off him. They probably will if they are head shots.

Anyway, anybody who has to call himself "Superman" and one that needs a 45 to boot is obviously a limp dicked asshole.

Hey, shithead, don't you remember that Blofeld used a .25 in Goldfinger because "he never missed"? I guess you need a big gun for compensation.

Ya know--45limpdick, that's 45 yoctometres of limp dick. Not so much as dick as a pussy. Couldn't even call it a clit.

Hey, 45limpdick, I am far more literate than you are. You could have spotted that if you weren't a fucking illiterate moron. Not to mention I can slang your sorry arse far more than you can me.

Why, Cause you are vermin and your opinions aren't worth shit. They are really only useful for wiping my arse with. But, why spoil good foecal material with your opinions.

But it was fun commenting in your blog. Mostly due to the fact that you are the type of pussy that needs a gun to protect himself.

People like you don't like it when people fight back (despite your bullshit to the contrary).

P.S., I stand by what I said about Melanie Hain. I just hope someone uses your gun against you as well. Or shoots your sorry ass like they did Melanie.

What makes you think you could prevent someone from grabbing your gun and using it against you, 45limpdick?

Make the world a better place, asshole, do it yourself before someone beats you to it.