16 November 2009

I've always said I'd be a lousy Nazi.

It seems that not only is talking head Zeinab Badawi a day older than me, but she is also Sudanese.

I had her pegged for being Pakistani just because it seemed more likely to me. I mean how many people are there from Sudan in the UK anyway?

I'd never have guessed her ethnic origins, or really cared about them either.

I kind of like her name, but would prefer it if she were something like Zowie Badawi. That would have been really cool. It was looking up her name that brought about this post.

I have to admit more of being a Beeb fan than ITN. And Trevor McDonald is my fav ITN newscaster, but...

Screw it, I like Mishal Husain and Daljit Dhaliwal a whole lot more than Zeinab. Daljit being the hotter of those three. Not that I would toss Zeinab out of bed. It's just that I think Daljit is the sexiest of the lot (Badawi 7.5, Dhaliwal 9, and Husain 8).

Yeah, well, I have always said I would have been the Nazi people went to to get papers saying they were Aryan