05 November 2009

45limpdick redux

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that 45limpdick is incapable of understanding comic books let alone the printed word. I mean, why else would he be upset at the fact that I point out that the NRA supports imbeciles like him owning guns? I mean it's scary that these gun cretins are too stupid that they can't understand pictures in comic books.

Now, that's really fucking stupid.

Bédés, since they are in French would really be beyond this crowd's comprehension. Tant pis.

Here is a picture of the Phantom, that's captioned "The Phantom", which I am sure that 45limpdick will point to and say "that's Superman" while calling me a liar.

Anyway, he is so stupid he is confusing the Phantom, who carries a pair of 45s (that's the number 2, which is more than you can count, 45limpdick), for Superman, who can pound the bejesus out of people with only his bare hands.

Fuck, people, Superman can stop all sorts of things without recourse to weaponry. He's superman and doesn't need ANY weapons.

Just his bare hands.

Well, as long as there is no Kryptonite around.

BTW, 45limpdick, I suggest that you have DNA tests done on "your" children, if you have any. Then you would find that they were sired by everybody else in the locale you come from except YOU.

Of course, I can't imagine any woman, even a crack whore, who would want to touch you, let alone give you a handjob, or even fuck your sorry arse, for any amount of money. I don't think any woman could be that despirate.

Fuck, I don't think your hands would jack you off unless they were forced to, you are such a vile specimen of a humanoid lifeform. You're not really human, at least not homo sapiens by mere definition of that term.

Also, fuckbrain, don't use words like "plagiarism". It's a big word with more than four letters and one that you obviously don't understand. I never claimed that article for my own and gave the attribution, which EVEN YOU POINT OUT.

I mean you are really a dumbfuck to do that! You really show you can't tell your ass from a hole in the ground in that post.

You arseholes flood the internet with your shit, so why do you get upset when we spread the word of our point of view.

I mean, our opinions are far more cogent than a cretins like you: Why silence them?

I thought the Second was "the right that protected all others", or is that just more gun cretin horseshit?

More like, the Second Amendment is being misused to cover the fact that tyranny is here. Your shit is all over the internet, I wish you assholes would clean up your sorry moronic act.

So, become a real Phantom and disappear, asshole.