13 December 2009

Sometimes you feel like shit, then..

You receive compliments and praise from people you admire. The most open bit of praise is Opinione. Although, I have seen my blog on Mudflap Bubba's and a Citizen Soldier's list and some others.

OK, Mike B, Phuck Politics, Zirgar just to name a few others. Forgive me if I miss any body else!

Or an insult post about someone that puts my post before anything he has written in the Google Search results!

I have always felt like doing a post and calling it "having a wank" about where exactly this blog fits in people's opinions: especially when I am feeling down from dealing with gun cretins.

Or that I haven't heard from Paul Treanor or Matthew White. Yet.

And Andrew Marr? Well, I'll leave you hanging on that one...

Naw,I found this Bollywood version of Ian Dury's Reasons to Be Cheerful:

Amazingly enough, I have been hanging around the Desi community for over 30 years and just saw my first Bollywood Film (Lagaan) this past year. I guess it's the Busby Berklee type dance routines popping up in the chase scenes in a three hour film!