09 December 2009

Climate Change--More doing Sweet Fanny Adams

I have this weird feeling that Copenhagen will be just another clutter fuck.

Not that the Climate Skeptics will be the ones fucking things up, it seems that the third world wants more give from the developed nations. Of course, the Third World is correct. I mean Bangladesh is suffering from climate change. Maybe we should allow the displaced Bangladeshis to immigrate to the US. There are three reasons for this: one the US is partially responsible for nothing happening regarding global warming, they're muslims, and the US needs more Indian Restaurants.

OK, the last one is my bias for Indian food (which is probably another post) and most Indian Restaurants in the UK are owned by Bengalis (people from Bangladesh). Anyway, this quote from the Daily Kos got me going on this:
Immediately after a UK poll showed decreased belief in global warming, the government organized a billboard campaign to set the record straight. There has been silence from the U.S. government. However, the issues of intentional deception by global warming deniers to confuse and mislead the public about the existence of global warming and liability for damages are now before the courts in the 5th and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

For some reason, the US has been controlled by the Carbon based energy industries (Coal and Petroleum) who have pretty much screwed up the debate on lots of issues I find dear (Public Transportation, alternative energy, and the environment). In particular, alternative energy industries need to be investigated. The US has been brainwashed that there will always be cheap fossil fuels, which will be another blow to its economy that will make the credit crisis look like the roaring 20s.

Let's say there are time when I wish I had a more important position in the world. But I look at my friends who do have these positions and say "fuck it". Especially when it comes to the United States.

Leadership in the United States requires quite a bit. Unless we are going to have a military take over. Not that I would mind that: Wes Clark as President, Paul Eaton as Secretary of Education, and a few others.

Seriously, one needs a thick skin since politics seems to require that one is a virginal saint, and I doubt some of them would qualify. "Ah, so you heard the voice of the Lord as you were tending your field...". Additionally, I think there is a serious need to educate the public. Although most US citizens seriously qualify as special needs children.

Yeah, even you people who listen to NPR! That's only slightly better than Fox news. If you aren't a member of your local station, you are contributing to the fact that it is beholden to "underwriters" which is a fancy way of saying advertisers. Or as the one person said during an extortathon: "You're a leech, you're taking our services without contributing." How unbiased is the info you get from NPR if its subsidised by something like the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation"? You think you're going to hear any anti-microsoft pieces? Tell me what's Ubuntu, you smug NPR listening oik?

Yeah, I like the BBC, but I listened to Radio Nederland during the last Iraq invasion! Speaking of Radio Nederland, They have a piece on Copenhagen: how to make your voice Heard! I may start listening to RNW again since NPR does suck.

Anyway, I have my blog to let off steam.

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