19 December 2009

BBC iPlayer

I really like iPlayer since it allows me to catch BBC programmes and watch them when I want. Although I have some frustrations with the player not always downloading correctly, especially through the actual iPlayer desktop. My hardwired connection can download faster than my wireless, but I can't transfer shows since they tend to stop midway. A programme called get_iplayer is much better for downloading and doesn't have some of the associated iPlayer drawbacks.

Get_iplayer finds the "portable device" version of the show. I find that version is less buggy than the actual iPlayer version. I blame the DRM for a lot of iPlayer's issues. In particular crappy download quality. It seems that programmes either are jumpy as heck or can stop. I am frustrated as heck that I was only able to download half of an episode of the New tricks episode "Mad Dogs". Frustration has cause me to buy a copy of season 5 from a Dutch vendor and the sucker is taking forever to come.

On the other hand, it is a great advantage to catch some of the programmes such as Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton's Madison Square Garden Concert. It doesn't bother me that they're a couple of OAPs. And it seems that QI series 7 is up and running. That means I have to download that!

Why have cable or satellite when you can have iPlayer?