05 December 2009

Matthew White on economics

Well worth a squiz! OK, we're probably like minded people. But Jane Wiedlin thought she would have a lot in common with Sparks until she met them and the song Cool Places is about their mutual inability to find anything they had in common.

Anyway, I was reading his stuff to find something refuting a comment along the lines of German gun control enabled the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Not that a comment like that needed any help in refuting since that's like saying Canadian gun control results in more US homicides. Matthew's Which Has Killed More People? Christianity? or Gun Control? sort of covers it. I have to admit that I cover it even more thoroughly in my astroturfed genocide post.

But not as humourously as does Matthew!

Anyway, this comes from A Billion Here, a Billion There:
If you're like me, you probably have four categories of money:

1. the price of a beer,
2. too much for a beer,
3. rent, and
4. far beyond my ability to comprehend.

He also trashes Wikipedia: "Wikipedia has become the McDonalds/Microsoft/Walmart of information. It provides reliably mediocre information at a low, low cost. This drives competitors out of business, reduces diversity, and lowers the standards all across the board. Just as McDonald's is where you go when you're hungry but don't really care about the quality of your food, Wikipedia is where you go when you're curious but don't really care about the quality of your knowledge. Everyone knows this already. "Checking Wikipedia" has become the information equivalent of "stopping at McDonald's". It reeks of apathy and superficiality."

Hey, wikipedia's a start sometimes, but the copy can indeed be pretty biased. On the other hand, the Oxford University Press has a book where somebody like Stephen Halbrook wrote the Section on the Second Amendment! Are we going to trash OUP for that? You betcha!

His Translations from the Italian are pretty good as well!

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