10 December 2009

It's like God's talking to Manchester.

Or More Paradox!

Well, I've got to admit that this show is getting better, but it must be the writing and not Tamzin's acting. In fact, she wasn't as obvious which is probably why last night's episode was getting better.

Plus, it's getting to be a bit of a cliff hanger. What is the MoD (Ministry of Defence) up to with Prometheus? What will happen to the rapist? Who is sending the images of the future?

I have to admit I have this theory that there is some sort of MoD distant viewing project going on. The images of the future come from the Prometheus satellite. Not to mention the MoD folk tend to have an idea that this is an "ongoing project". And is this some supernatural superhacker who is sending the images?

I guess that is a bit of a bombshell since I never mentioned that these images download from a satellite and give the team 12 hours to solve the puzzle. That sets up the question of who or what is downloading the pictures. Or as I mentioned in the first review:
“Where are these photos coming from?” DI Flint asked. “Aliens? God?”

Um ... Derek Acorah?

Derek Acorah (or someone like him) may be the answer.

Anyway, even though it's pretty awful, I am hooked.

Curse BBC iPlayer!