17 December 2009

I couldn't imagine the Americans doing this.

I just watched Scotland's Secret Serial Killer last night on BBC iPlayer which was a Documentary that aired on BBC Two in Scotland on 10 Dec 2009 about convicted serial killer and child rapist Angus Sinclair. It seems that he was let loose on an unsupervised weekend pass to attend a small boat festival back in the mid 90s. He was selling toys there that he made whilst in prison. As the programme said, this would have been the perfect ruse for him giving his M.O. (get a young child to do him a favour and then corner the little girl).

Fortunately, he didn't kill or rape anyone whilst on pass.

"Psychiatrists believe Sinclair's obsession with sex cannot be cured". Well, I think that can be said about most humans.

Most US states would have put this clown on death row. I seriously doubt the yanks would have let him loose and unsupervised on an unsuspecting public (what were they thinking????).

iPlayer no longer has this available.