14 December 2009

More Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC)

You don't need to have any intelligence background to spot this stuff. Although, it does help to have just plain old intelligence.

OK, this report stinks like shit to me:

First thing that gets a red flag flying in my mind is that it uses the terms "FEMA Detention Centers" and "FEMA Concentration Camps". Then the report mentions three of these facilities:
Richards-Gebaur AFB
Ft. Leonard Wood
Fort Crowder (called by the old name Camp Crowder in the "report")

The concept of FEMA Concentration Camps has been debunked in Popular Mechanics. Even Glenn Beck has debunked the FEMA Concentration camp myth!

Amusingly enough, these three facilities, along with many others, show up on a Missouri DNR: Division of Environmental Quality list of sites needing remediation. I think we should detain these loonies in these sites if they need remediation. Maybe a little toxic waste will put a glow in them!

Oh dear, Zeitgeist is mentioned as a subversive film on page 9. I had better watch out!

And I have a copy of the Turner Diaries that someone gave me.

Another thing that stinks about this report is that it is only about the militia movement, which really isn't that strong. Any proper assessment of internal threats should include other groups (e.g., black militant groups).

Also, the militia information is tremendously dated. The ADL website relating to the militia movement is archived as of 2000. The SPLC mentions Black Separatist groups. I can't believe that an organisation like MIAC would put out a piece of shit like this.

To be quite frank, no one I trust has discussed this report. Anyone who has seen it calls it crap.

The most I could find about this report was this from the Missouri State House

MIAC report under review: Lawmakers examining document that linked some views to militias.
Springfield News- Leader, Chad Livengood: A special House committee has been formed to investigate the inner workings of a state agency that produced a controversial report linking some social conservative views to militia membership. State Rep. Bob Dixon, R-Springfield, will chair the committee during the interim between legislative sessions.
The real emphasis is going to be on what oversight is currently in place, rather than going back and rehashing the report and the details of the report,” Dixon said. “What I don’t want it to become is a witch hunt on law enforcement who are doing their due diligence to keep citizens safe.”
Richard, R-Joplin, appointed 16 House members to the interim panel, including Dixon and fellow Greene County Reps. Shane Schoeller and Jim Viebrock. Schoeller, R-Willard, said MIAC and Highway Patrol employees should not view the committee’s scrutiny of their intelligence gathering as a witch hunt .”If you’ve done what you think is the right thing to do, there should be nothing to be afraid of,” he said.
Viebrock, R-Republic, said he intends to grill state bureaucrats about the content of the report, which the patrol o! cially retracted on March 25.”I’m personally going to demand some of the intelligence they’re looking at,” Viebrock said. Viebrock said he got many complaints from constituents about the report’s contents and generalizations of conservative thought. He wants to know whether the MIAC report was based on actual intelligence, not information swiped o# the Internet. “If that is the entirely basis of their existence, then as a legislator I will join my fellow legislators and we will put an end to it,” Viebrock said. “To accuse God-fearing, anti-abortion, gun-toting Americans as terrorists is unacceptable.”

I'd love to know more about this report and what the committee found.

BTW, MIAC's website

Something just isn't right here. Brandon Middleton and Greg Hug please stand up!

Greg A. Hug is allegedly the Assistant Director Missouri lnformalion Analysis Center. One source checked the phone numbers, which were the same on the governmental site for Missouri Statistical Analysis Center. The source could not find any record of a Brandon Middleton or a Greg Hug with the agency (MIAC). This needs to be followed up. There was a Greg Hug on the Missouri State Police. He was on the Division of Drug and Crime Control in the 80s and 90s.

I smell a big ass fraud!