01 December 2009

efforf at getstuffed

eff orf=eff off=fuck off (I figure some people are too stupid to figure that one out).

get stuffed--A slightly politer version of fuck you (see above). For example, When the taxi cut in front of him, he yelled at the driver, “Get stuffed!”

So, "efforf@getstuffed.co.uk" translates as "fuckoff at fuckyou.com" since ".co.uk" is the British equivalent of ".com".

I wanted to make sure this was a dead link since the idea of this is to tell people I don't want to hear from them that I don't want to hear from them. Although, getstuffed.co.uk is being "parked" as a possible URL for a restaurant! More like a porn site URL.

Anyway, the people I want to contact me can contact me.