31 October 2009


It seems like my life is fast becoming like the film Volere Volare, where the protagonist sees himself living in a cartoon. I should blame this on spending time in Belgium where bande dessinée is the national art form.

I was going to make a comment that Boris Johnson (top left) looks like a character from the Beano. A bleach blonde version of Dennis the Menace (right). I think it's the hair. Or maybe the eyes.

It seems that Private Eye agrees with me on this. They referred to The Spectator as "The Hasbeano", with the Spectator's editor Boris Johnson becoming "Boris the Menace".

I prefer Boris to Red Ken who sort of reminded me of Peter Bowles when he had hair and a moustache.

Not sure what Stephen Fry is doing in this picture, but I do think QI is brilliant. A Fred Flintstone look alike perhaps?

Andrew Marr (top right) is a brilliant journalist. I've started watching his "The Making of Modern Britain" which is interesting, but I am beginning to see I am not as much of a lefty as I think. This show is really oriented toward "democracy". I think that the belief in my being left leaning comes from living in the US which seems to be turning more and more into a facist nation.

Anyway, I think he looks like a cartoon with the ears. I thought I could come up with a "good" picture, but short of a screen capture, I don't think one will show up in a picture search.

I can't help thinking of the Yellow Kid (right) when I see Marr on the screen. It seems that he once was approached by a man in a shop who said, "Here, you look just like that Andrew Marr... you poor bugger."

Marr claims he was once mistaken for Vladimir Putin. Sorry, Andrew, but Putin looks more like Dobby the House Elf than you. Unfortunately, that similarity caused an international crisis.

Now, I just have to steer clear of Toontown.