14 October 2009

Second Amendment Fun!

I've been invited to the Mikeb302000 blog for my "expertise" and experience on the Second Amendment, and i've got to admit this is sort of fun. Especially since Mikeb302000 moderates comments. It sort of makes me want to take comments here, but I find still find moderated comments to be frustrating enough that I won't.

MikeB enjoys this far more than I do. I have to admit to getting tired of the fun and games.

First off, people would need to be open minded about the discussion, which most Second Amendment discussions aren't. I have to admit this is due to the terminology: collective and individual right. Collective is closer to the nature, but Civic is the better description. Individual right is confusing since the civic right can be individual in nature.

I am beginning to like personal right as a better description since the right is divorced from military purposes: self-defence, hunting, target shooting, etcetera.

Secondly, it's nice to be challenged on my beliefs. Not sure what exactly that does regarding the Second Amendment, but it is a fun intellectual exercise.

I have to admit agreeing with He who shall not be named, that the Second Amendment does provide a neat tool for understanding legal method and constitutional law. Loads of fun issues to explore!

The real problem is to get people to understand legal method and process.