10 October 2009

Why all the focus on the gun in Melanie Hain's story???

"Don't try to turn this into a gun debate"!

Hilarious. What on Earth does this story have to do with guns?

It's funny how the gun cretins like to deflect the fact that Melanie Hain was killed with a gun, which is the magic talisman by which she hoped that she would be protected from all evil.

She wasn't killed with a flyswatter, mousetrap, pencil sharpener, piece of paper, cross bow, knife, brass knuckles, axe, machete, chain saw, stapler, toothbrush, or frying pan.


But it didn't work that way...Did it?

Instead of being one of those anecdotes that the gun cretins like to use to show that defensive gun use happens more frequently than incidents where the gun owner is injured or killed, Their poster child, Melanie Hain is DEAD from having a gun in the house. Now, She is a valid number in the statistic of people killed by handguns in the United States.

I have pointed out that even the weak laws in this country, if enforced, should have prevented this, I am not sure to say tragedy or act of justice. Melanie Hain was a hazard to her community, People questioned her mental health, and she was in an abusive relationship. Yet, despite these facts, there were handguns in their home.

Mental illness and abusive relationships are reasons for the gun to be removed from the home under current law. Being a hazard to the community welfare should be a disqualifier, but some judge unfortunately saw fit to allow her a permit to carry a concealed weapon even though it was revoked by the sheriff for cause.

The gun cretins keep saying "enforce the laws on the books", yet there were laws which were not enforced. The gun cretins cheered when Hain's gun permit was returned to her.

The gun laws in the US don't work because they aren't allowed to work. The gun cretins do everything in their power to make sure they are ineffective.

The problem is that the gun cretin arguments do not stand up to scrutiny: especially that the Second Amendment allows for any right to a weapon of any kind outside of militia service.