09 October 2009

Still more Melanie

Shit, her husband used his own gun to kill her. Melanie had hers in her backpack as she was on a web chat, probably saying how good it is to have a gun in the house!

As you know, I was hoping that Scott would have grabbed Melanie's gun and popped her with it.

Problem, Scott Hain was a parole officer, he was not law enforcement. SO, he could have been barred from having a gun. In fact, if Melanie had the PFA (protection from Abuse) order, he would have had to have turned in his weapon: even if he were a cop.

So, sorry, gun cretins, but if the gun control options, even the worthless ones on the books as of now, were utilised. Melanie Hain's children would not be orphans.

You assholes really need to rethink your position as it is becoming obvious that it is not based in reality.

Anyway, two less gun owning idiots on this planet.

As the greaseman said in a different context, let's shoot some more!

Hey, I don't mind you having guns. In fact, I hope you gun cretins all shoot yourselves and make the world a better place like Melanie did.