11 October 2009

A serious question about Melanie Hain

Did she actually practise shooting her gun, or did she just carry it and expect it would save her from harm?

The reason I mention this is that I used to blow through about 500 rounds a day on the range in practise when I carried.

These comics come from “Concealed Carry,” a comic drawn by the incomparable Mike Brace and written by Frank Naif. “Concealed Carry” appears in the Horrors Of War comic anthology produced by the DC Conspiracy comics collective, a bunch of super blokes in Washington, DC who make comics, drink beer, and get into barroom brawls.

I think they make the point really well of what the pros have to face when they carry, but somehow civvies aren't held to the same standard.

Yo, Frank and Mike, I owe you two quite a few beers for this. Is the Rathskeller OK? Go crazy on the Belgian brews at my expense.