21 October 2009

How to take the fun out of blogging!

I mentioned in my Anonymity post that the person I work with would love for me to post scholarly articles. Well, he has told me that my job description now includes blogging in his name.

Despite what the booboisie (ignorentsia? hoi polloi? cretin class?) believe, I have a pretty good reputation as a lawyer and for doing legal research. To be quite honest, these jokers are much more polite when they are ponying up $20-30k for me to guide them through a federal gun charge. That's a major reason I can blow off their comments. Well, that and the fact that I don't like moronic, time wasters.

Anyway, I now have to crank out cogent comments on the latest court cases. That isn't too hard since I've been preparing all the CLE material he claims as his own. Not that I mind since I get free CLE for doing that!

The problem is that this is now WORK, which is something I try to avoid. My wife will tell you that I do not define myself by my job, no matter how good I am at it. My life begins once I leave court and the office.

The Second Amendment stuff is a fun game, but I won't persuade the believers. I just hope that someone is able to put it to good use.