09 October 2009

Found this little goodie in my research

Yes, gun control does work when there are effective laws. The problem with Washington, DC's gun laws weren't that they didn't work, but that there were other jurisdictions, in particular Virginia, that allowed for the easy access to firearms.

Effects of limiting handgun purchases on interstate transfer of firearms

Article Abstract:

Limiting the sale of guns to one per person per month could substantially reduce interstate gun trafficking. Many traffickers can buy guns cheaply in states with liberal gun laws and sell them at a higher price in states with more restrictive gun laws. Researchers used a firearms trace database compiled by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to estimate the odds that a firearm used in a crime in the Northeast could be traced to Virginia before and after a law was passed in Virginia limiting the sale of guns to one per person per month. Virginia and other Southeastern states are the principal supplier of weapons to the Northeast. Before the law was passed, 27% of the weapons used nationwide could be traced to Virginia. After the law took effect in July, 1993, that percentage dropped to 19%. This represents a 36% drop in nationwide gun trafficking originating in Virginia. Within the Northeast, gun trafficking originating in Virginia was reduced 66%.
author: Weil, Douglas S., Knox, Rebecca C.
Publisher: American Medical Association
Publication Name: JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association
Subject: Health
ISSN: 0098-7484
Year: 1996

Read more: http://www.faqs.org/abstracts/Health/Effects-of-limiting-handgun-purchases-on-interstate-transfer-of-firearms.html#ixzz0TTepejNg