11 October 2009

Yet another criticism

I can't find a single post that isn't filled with lie and half-truths.

The fact that what I write does not match your version of reality does not make it a lie or half-truth. I think you will find that I cite to my sources, which you could verify if you weren't intellectually challenged. Your intellectual laziness is not my problem.

I do find your intellectual laziness annoying because you can't make a comment which has a valid basis. Instead, you choose to call everything a lie or half-truth and not back up that statement.

Your disconnect with reality is society's problem.

Likewise, if I give an opinion, it isn't right, wrong, truth, or lie: just my opinion, which might disagree with your beliefs. But, that's your tough shit pal. I'm keeping it unless you give me a good reason to reassess that opinion.

I don't accept comments since I really don't care to waste my time on people who aren't open minded and can offer valid criticism and comments.