10 October 2009


It's going to be Thanksgiving in Canada and US Thanksgiving is coming up as well. I have never liked US Thanksgiving for a load of reasons.

First off, it comes on Thursday and requires anyone who wants another day off to take a holiday on the Friday. My mom used to work on the Friday. Actually, she likes it a whole lot more when she goes to Canada or the UK where US Thanksgiving is just another day.

Secondly, it celebrates something about the Puritans surviving. Personally, I would have been thankful if the Native Americans had killed them all. My family that was on this side of the pond were Virginia cavaliers and glad to have a Dutch buffer between themselves and the round headed bastards.

I mean these puritan MoFos don't like Christmas since its a pagan holiday, which is exactly while I like it. They banned it in England and New England. Not to mention the Puritans hated the theatre and pretty much everything else that was fun. They weren't going to be happy, so why let anyone else have fun?

Add in they were a kind of precursor to the Religious right.

So, why I should be thankful about them surviving?

Besides, if the Indians with their bows, arrows and tomahawks had slaughtered the puritans the way they slaughtered the Virginia Colonists it would be one gun myth down. Funny but the gun crowd seems to forget the Powhatan Uprising of 1622 and other Indian massacres during colonial times.

Also, one thing that led to the Rebellion in the mid-18th Century English colonies was the fact that they didn't have anyone to fear and a need for British Army protection. So, if the Native Americans had more and better weaponry, The US might not be in the mess it is right now.

I'd be thankful for that!