29 October 2009

We haven't heard the last from Tony the Weasel

Somehow in my state of political and current events ignorance, I've managed to keep it from my consciousness that Gordon Brown wants Tony "the Weasel" Blair to become president of the European Union.

Probably because I am glad he is GONE from British politics. I never liked him anyway since he made me feel as if I went to the wrong School or Oxford College when I met him. And this was pre-PM days. I had the fortune to attend Parliamentary discussions on License of Right in 1988.

My boss at that time told me that one day Tony Blair would be PM. Six years later, well...

The worst bit is that Blair reminds me of Alan B'Stard on the New Statesman. The really funny thing is that Rik Mayall claims he "discovered Tony Blair" in the Daily Mail.

Not as good as this from the Beeb: Explaining the defection to Labour, Mr Mayall said: "They are young, they are sexy and they are much more right-wing than the Conservative Party."

I guess my suspicions were correct!

And you wonder why I call him "Tony the Weasel".