23 June 2008

Scary early Laci story

I do have a story from my early days with Laci that will scare you. She had been with me only a couple of months when this happened.

I had gone to the dry cleaners to pick up my laundry, but there was too much for me to take home in one trip (I walk most everywhere). The dry cleaners said they would watch Laci. Anyway, as I am going back to the dry cleaners I see Laci running down the street near my house with the dry cleaner in hot pursuit. Laci stopped and stayed when I told her to. I went and grabbed her and hugged her: not sure whether to chew her out or be happy she was alive. I wasn't happy that Laci had escaped

It seems that the postman had come in to deliver the mail and Laci was too quick for anyone. She escaped and ran three blocks to my house--through city traffic. Now, the drivers in this town go whizzing down the streets, but Laci made it safely.

As I said, I wasn't sure what to do when I saw here since it was scary seeing her do that. I was glad she made it, but knew that she could have been seriously hurt or worse. I also wasn't sure what I would have told people had she been hurt. I know I wouldn't have felt too good about it.

Well, she made it safely and I let her know I loved her, but she shouldn't go running through the city streets.