29 June 2008

The Law of abundance, manifesting, and my opinion

As I said in a previous post, it seems to me that if someone had the secret on how to use quantum physics to really create a better world, he wouldn't need to charge for the secret for a multitude of reasons. The first one being that few people would believe it. The Second one being that if you could produce that much abundance in the world, why would you need more money or abundant whatever? Additionally, wouldn't people be so grateful they would give you money?

I am reading a book called "Seed Money in Action" by Jon Speller and Kathleen Shedaker where they talk about how people give them donations after making money using the seed money concept. I am not really sure what the concept is, but it sounds a bit like the economic concept of the velocity of money, where money in use seems like there is a larger pool because it is being used. But they talk of "green energy" (or money energy if you live in countries where the currency is multicoloured) which something I have mentioned other places, maybe not here.

There was a program called "Jute City" that had one very memorable quote going along the lines of "money is basically an accounting principle in that it is used to trade resources. Once it becomes a commodity and can be horded, then it becomes evil because people are moving away from using it as a resource for facilitating trade". In other words, money as something that can be used to trade my services for tangiable goods is useful. But it's useless if I let it just accumulate.

So, "trickle down" economics is great in theory, but it's useless as a reality if the money isn't really moving and it gets stuck in the hands of a few people. But money isn't really the issue to me, although it is very nice and useful.

I have to admit if it comes to giving money and services in the belief that there will be an eventual return, I should be one of the world's wealthiest men. I mean part of the reason I do court appointments is the "pro-bono" aspect since it sure as heck isn't the money. And I have done loads of work for "pro-bono" without pay. Also, there is the Healy money, which if that ain't seed money, I don't know what it. I am still waiting for that one to come around and I could buy a few real Scottish Castles, like Balmoral.

But, the problem is that I can have all the money in the world, but I am still stuck with things as they are if that is where I put my focus. And if we are going with something like winning the big lottery prize, it is somewhat limited, unless I invest it as well.

For example, I would love a Smart. I had a deposit in for one, but the dealer called me a week ago. I couldn't buy it even if I had the money. First off, I don't really have a place to park it that I consider safe, convenient, or affordable. On the other hand, I could make it the size of my Maisto diecast 1:18 Smart and put it on my mantle if I could do magic.

Likewise, I could have a Scottish castle like Eilean Donan wherever I wanted it. Better yet, if it is a recent knock off, I can have it look old like Eilean Donan. So, I could have a little Scottish Village in the Adirondacks compleat with a super Indian and Thai restaurant that is near my Scottish castle. Not to mention also having a great kiltmaker and Scottish crafts store. The town would look exactly like Lochdubh!

Now, back to where I started from. What would you give me if I told you I could help you control your life. I mean look at this blurb:

Turn your dreams into reality with Psychic Manifestation

This will give you a MUCH deeper understanding of manifestation and how to design the future you desire. You'll discover:

  • The KEY missing ingredient to supercharge the manifesting of your desires
  • Why conflicts between your conscious and your subsconscious mind will sabotage your efforts in achieving your goals and what you MUST do to prevent this
  • The force that changes psychic realities into phyical realities - understand the manifestation process clearly, and it WILL help you get the results you are after
  • Why the physical world is not as solid as you think and this is why your mind really does have power over matter.
  • Why consciousness can over ride some laws of physics ...and many more hidden secrets

But the person wants me to pay. Maybe it's that "seed money" thing, But I think I would be happy as heck sharing this secret if I knew it. And, as they point out in "Seed Money in Action", I would be happy to donate after I hit the big one.

Anyway, maybe someone can give me a hint here. As I said before: "Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it."

After all, I have some bagpipes I want set up properly (and am too lazy to do it myself), a house I want clean, a dog I want back from the dead, and so on and so forth.

Things money just can't buy.