17 June 2008

More Honey

I just received a message from Virginia that she sent me by mistake. At least, I am giving her the benefit of the doubt here since she may have hit reply not realising that I forwarded the message. Anyway, it said:

Thanks for kind condolences on my loss of Escapades Sweet Honey B. Michael is all over the internet about her loss, but hasn't laid eyes on her in five years. Go figure. I guess we do what we have to do.

I am sorry you lost one of your girls. Was it Tess?

email me at XXXXXXXX@gmail .com

Yours truly, Virginia

I am obviously feeling better since this pisses me off, but not to the extent her last message did.

What really upsets me is that Virginia said "no" when I asked if she was going to get another dog. Her reason was that the dog would be left alone all day. Well, she pretty much knew that Honey would probably be left alone all day when she left to move to South Carolina.

Now, why pull an animal from a house where it is getting loads of attention and you know it will be taken good care of: Especially if you know you won't be able to give it that type of attention?