20 June 2008

In praise of Laci

After being out of sorts for over a week about the loss of Honey, it's about time that I praise Laci. It's unfortunate that Laci has lived in the shadow of Honey, especially since I think she is all around the far better dog. Although I do have to admit to our linking up as being a bizarre thing.

She was like a mailorder bride in that I knew Virginia was going to take Honey and there was no way that I would have been without a dog after Honey. So, I went to my friends who bred Chinese Cresteds and they linked me up with the person who was Laci's guardian. Laci came from Illinois, which meant that I got her sight unseen, with the exception of a couple of pictures, one of which is to the right. She was also a powderpuff crested and I was used to the hairless. Anyway, it was a go.

So, even though I knew I would miss Honey, I had another dog coming on the scene. That meant that the shock of losing Honey wasn't that great. There were only three days in which I was dogless, and the last one was the worst.

Laci flew in US Air Cargo with a 19.30 arrival time. I was at the airport at 18.30 waiting for her to get here. Now, Cargo means that she unloads after the airplane has let off the passengers and also unloads in another part of the airport away from the passenger section. The women working at the counter told me they would call when Laci arrived at the airfreight terminal. They also asked her name so they could make her feel at welcome. So, I drove back home had dinner and came back to find Laci waiting in her crate (left). I could tell that she was wondering who the heck all these people were and how they knew her name.

What I really remember about that night was that Laci was far more interested in a chicken carcass that was thrown on the ground outside the airfreight terminal. I know the thing was a shock to her system since she didn't like being in the car. She would also panic if we went anywhere near the airport.

One memorable thing from the early days was that we were walking in the antiques district when someone pointed out that she looked like Falcor the Luck Dragon from the Neverending Story, which was an interesting comment. That film was nearly 20 years old at the time and the person who said it was probably late teens-early 20s. Maybe Laci is my luck dragon.

With the exception of her going nuttsomuttso, I really like her. Although, I did question whether my dog was sane the first time she did that in front of me. Nuttsomuttso is where she would make nesting motions on the bed and spin around grunting, growling, and snapping. I have learned that this is her in extreme joy. Although, it does look as if she is insane when she does it if you don't know what is going on.

Laci has a larger range of emotions that Honey did. Not to mention that Laci smiles and yodles, which is pretty rare for a Chinese crested. They do one or the other, but not both.

I haven't had a lot of problems with Laci other than chewing and the occasional peeing on the carpet if I have been gone too long. She is a very smart dog.

I am glad I kept her. She's a great buddy!