01 March 2008

More iPOS moaning

OK, I am frustrated as heck that I bought an iPOS and have had it for nearly two weeks. The iPOS is unusable as I am unable to load my music on and get the effing thing to work. This experience has confirmed everything I ever believed about iPOSs.

my message to realplayer support

I have an iPod (iPOS or iCrash) classic 160 GB and I would really prefer to use realplayer to manage it rather than iTunes. First off, I don't appreciate how iTunes dictates what goes on my iPOS. It wants me to stick my entire music collection on my iPOS rather than what I want on it.

Anyway, I eventually end up with the message that my iPOS's database is corrupt when I try to load my music on with realplayer. Unfortunately, Apple's solution is to force you to wipe your disk and reload the music rather than just repair the database.

And, Apple refuses to support the iPOS if you are not managing it with iTunes.

Anyway that there could be a utility that repairs the song database rather than force me to reload my music? This is really annoying since I have to tie up my computer for days on end to load my music. It makes far more sense to just be able to repair the database like better MP3 players are able to do rather than force me to reload my entire music collection.

Follow up: Realplayer support wrote back that they have no power over third party vendors. I still hate iTunes which somehow managed to load a bunch of material I didn't want on my iPOS, namely the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Goon Show spoken word stuff.

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