26 March 2008

Maybe an individual right isn't that bad an idea!

I was in a preliminary hearing today where several gun charges were raised in relation to a drug dealer. For the most part, they were possession charges: such as not having a permit for a firearm. Now, the gun was in a place of business. Sure, the business was selling drugs, but he has to protect his business!

Amusing aside, there was the issue of a business card and I was imagining something along the lines of "Kwame Johnson: drug dealer to scumbags".

Now, once an individual right is announced, these gun charges can be fought. In fact, they should be fought anyway since the State constitution provides: The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned. I mean what the hell is a law that prevents drug dealers from having guns doing on the books!?!?!?!?

More guns for criminals! More work for lawyers!