20 March 2008

frustrate their navish tricks.

I-95 has been closed for the past three days due to structural problems. Americans believe they are entitled to free highways and cheap petrol. Unfortunately, somebody has to pay to maintain the infrastructure.

As long as it's the other person.

The revolt was due to the fact that the Crown finally sent the Colonists a bill for their defence. Not just an army, but a navy to protect trade on the seas. Nevermind the taxes weren't as high as they were back in Blighty, it's being told they had to pay taxes.

"Tax and spend" is used as a criticism of "liberals", but we are finding the national debt is being increased since it is spend like a drunken sailor by "conservatives". More is spent on the pointless invasion of Iraq than the United States. Damn any source of revenue.

But, debt makes the world go 'round, which is a criticism of most of the world's governments since we are facing a crisis based upon massive lending without any consideration of who will eventually pay the bill.

OPM--Other People's Money

On the other hand, most currency has the words "will pay on demand the sum of" the note's denomination. So, really, we have debt. The War for Independence was based upon debt. Trash paper which was worthless, but was forced upon people to show their patriotism. The British paid in gold.

Of course, The citizens of the United States have gun control, abortion, prayer in school and other wedge issues trotted out so that nothing is done until a crisis arises. Even then, nothing gets done. Something might actually get done if the wedge issues were removed. On the other hand, why bother since it is easier to keep peoples' minds on other things than really deal with serious problems.

Let's have elections which take forever, but don't result in proper representation of the people. George Bush didn't win the last two popular elections, but he won in the electoral college. of course, a parliamentary system would result in new governments every two weeks. Either that, or people would be forced to work together.

The problem is that we have leaders who don't lead, they follow. They follow polls. They follow the money of special interests which pay for their campaigns. Special interests which are at odds with the interest of the American people.

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