01 April 2008

Guns in cars

I am reading about how GPS thefts are on the rise, which doesn't come as much of a shock to me having had two stolen from my car last month. The car was in a parking garage which had CCTV. Unfortunately, the CCTV was nonfunctional, but that's another story.

Anyway, the gist is that the thieves spot the tell tale signs of the GPS cradle, such as the suction cup marks, and then break in. They will pull apart your car to find the unit, which is why they found both of mine in the glove box and boot.

The nice thing is that theft from Auto is pretty hard to prosecute since there usually isn't a witness. Or, the witness is from out of state.

So, valuables in cars are something that thieves love.

Now, legislatures are coming up with laws that say that guns can be left inside of cars if one has a CCW permit. What's wrong with that picture? I mean, we have other items (GPS units) which are pulled from cars with ever increasing frequency, but now we are going to put firearms into a place which make them easy targets for thieves.

Of course, the gun lobby claims that illegal guns appear magically from the fairies. The fairies go to the ghetto and turn legal guns into illegal guns. Hey presto. So, nothing to worry about.

But for someone who had two GPS units taken from a car with an alarm (they busted the window with the alarm indicator) in a place which appeared to have CCTV, this sounds like a really bad idea.