07 April 2008

Another subway beating

There have been three beatings in the el concourse over the past week, one of which was fatal. Now, the RKBA crowd are telling us that this shouldn't happen given the amount of CCW permits on the streets of Philly. Common sense says that the crims are streetwise enough to tell who is carrying and to avoid them. Most books on CCW talk about printing and believe it or not, people act differently if they carry. This is especially true if the person carries at their waist. My preference is for a shoulder holster for a bunch of reasons, preferably with a small gun (Beretta M84).

Maybe the solution isn't concealed carry, but to have the cops sighting rifles down the street the way we did in Ulster. The picture I've attached seems pretty innocuous with the kid looking through the SUIT, but it was SOP for us to point our rifles down the street. Now, maybe we could stop the bullying of innocent bystanders if the miscreants were aware that they would be shot for acting up.

Actually, I like the idea of military patrols on US streets. The US could get the checkpoints the way the British did in Northern Ireland. Going into an area would be consent to search. Additionally, people could be stopped and frisked for weapons. If you are stupid enough to be carrying a weapon on the street, you can be shot by the security forces.

Not a bad idea.

Forget the war on terrorism, let's have a real war on crime here.