08 April 2008


'Tis the season to have my finances trashed by the government. I don't think that taxes were the issue during the War for Independence in Philadelphia, because they were truly misguided had that been the case. My income is quadruple taxed with School tax, Business privilege Tax (BPT), and net profits tax (NPT).

Business privilege tax conveys the idea that Philadelphia is against business since it is a privilege to conduct it here. BPT taxes both net and gross earnings and then there is another, separate tax on your profits (NPT). Although, both net and gross are taxed at different rates. Still, I am taxed on this two different ways until it feels as if I am being squeezed dry. That's not really something which encourages business to wish to settle here. After all, the entire idea of commerce is to have trade and business.

Anyway, there are rumours that BPT will be eliminated, but that will not occur too soon for me. Also, it seems that there would be more work if business were treated as a right, not a privilege. But treating a gun as a right and work as a privilege is yet another effed up aspect of US society. So, criminals are alllowed the tools to rob, and businessmen are to be robbed both legally and criminally.

Although, the tax situation is criminal in my opinion.