18 January 2010

You Yanks can't have a monopoly on the fun with the religious right.

Unfortunately, all the fun is happening up in Ulster. I guess since they need to find another outlet to their energies since the Troubles stopped.

This would have blown by me except I was reminded a a couple of days ago when we went out to dinner with a friend and she mentioned it. Then man with the muckrake mentioned the Troubles.

A bit of background, Think of the Scots-Irish who are the Protestants in this farce as being the Religious right, and a precursor to the US religious right in the US since most emmigrated to the Bible belt in the 1700s. The Unionist leader Ian Paisley has been compared to Jerry Falwell, which made Jerry Falwell wonder who WAS Ian Paisley. This had to be explained to Falwell (this was at the Oxford Union in 1984 after I was a student in the late 70s).

Anyway, there is a lovely scandal going on now in that part of the world (the troubles are long over, thank god) with Iris Robinson banging a 19 year old. Ian Paisley is properly apoplectic.

To give you an idea of what this would be like in US political terms: This would be the rough equivalent of a sex scandal involving Michele Bachmann and a 19 year old guy since the DUP is able to be a party of Conservative Christians.


None of that separation of church and state BS in the UK to stop direct identification By the DUP as a Conservative Christian organisation the way it does in the US. In fact, this party was founded by Ian Paisley. Actually, Bachmann doesn't have the power that Iris Robinson had since Iris's hubby was leader of the DUP, but still Imagine someone who is 60 banging a 19 year old.

A bit of background on the DUP
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Unionist_Party or their website:

I thought I would archive that view while Iris's Hubby, Peter, has his picture all over the website. It adds to the humour value.

Anyway, here are a couple of versions of "Mrs. Robinson". How appropriate.