11 January 2010

Second Amendment--You go girl!

Thanks to MikeB for pointing out that Lisa Madigan is going to not play dead the way Walter Dellinger did (Dave Dellinger was one of the Chicago Seven). As I said in my comment to Mike's post, I point out the irony that the Second Amendment was to protect the States from Federal interference every chance I can get

I am glad that someone is willing to argue proper history in this matter and it's Illinois' Attorney General Lisa Madigan McDonald. Dellinger blew it in the Heller oral arguments because he forgot that precedent was on his side.

Yes, the Second Amendment was to protect against Federal Tyranny: in the form of an overblown military budget (why does no one seem to talk about the Standing Army issue?).

Yes, the Founders wanted local legislative power to control their own affairs. That's what the no taxation without representation bit was about.

DC was screwed by the Supremes.

The next question: how do you argue with historically ignorant justices?

I wish you all the best! Intelligent Women are soooo Sexy!

The Illinois AG's brief can be read here.