13 January 2010

It had to happen

Even in real life, I prefer to be low key. That means I like to avoid the press as much as possible. Although, I did see my court artist drawn picture in one high profile case on the local news, which I bought and have hanging in my guest bedroom. Also, I was quoted making a disparaging comment about a celebrity case's defense, which is archived in the Newspaper's website. Fortunately, later versions changed the attribution to a courthouse wag (thank you).

Unfortunately, I thought I had a quiet guilty plea for my client. Somehow, this case gathered attention from the press because I was accosted by a reporter as I left the Court.

I told him to piss off. Of course, I said it in a more polite manner: "I don't speak to the press!"

Him: "pretty please"
Me: No

This really got my wick.

I was going to rant about how people don't understand the criminal justice system since this client has a doctorate and didn't understand his basic rights. So, I shouldn't be too amazed that the average Joe Bloggs doesn't understand the law.

Well, I do blog for my own amusement.