20 January 2010

How to argue with gun cretins

OK, they are total cretins and losers who don't know what they are talking about. It's pretty obvious that they know this since their usual argument is the ad hominem.

Even better, they like to act hurt when you tell them that they are complete and total jerkoffs. Not that they haven't figured that out, which is why they like to claim that they are victims of "bigotry".

Hey, you're a bunch of assholes who don't contribute to society.

It's really funny that you hide behind the Second Amendment to claim non-existant "gun rights" when you are the type of people who would have been doing whatever you could to have gotten an exemption from militia service.

Naw, like a bunch of teenage boys you see the language "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" and think you have a right to own a machinegun.

It's doesn't work like that and it's too bad that Supreme Court justices can't use their own theories, but...

Rule 1) keep them on the subject. The usual practise is to try and get you off topic by mentioning something emotional.

Rule 2) Try to get them to back up what they say

Rule 3) realise that they aren't as tough as they like to act. They need the guns because they are weak. Having a gun gives them a sense of power.

Rule 4) Realise that you are correct and that they live in an insane world.

The ultimate upshot is that guncretins are a weak lot who want to feel powerful, but on the whole they are socially ostracised. They need that comradery to feel as if they have something to offer society, which they don't.