01 July 2009

Well planned murder?

OK, my boss says that I am totally out of the loop on local Philadelphia news (but can tell you what is happening in London).

It seems that I missed the crime of the century here, which is the shooting of Rian Thal.

Anyway, he used my expertise to find her myspace page and dig up some info on her.

Anyway, I keep hearing how the "hit" was "well planned".

Excuse me, but they caught all 4 perpetrators on camera and one left his finger prints at the scene. Not to mention there was 4 kilos of cocaine and 100 grand in cash left at her apartment.

I am the first to say that criminals are not the brightest stars in the firmament, but this crew wins a Darwin award. I am curious as to how long it will take to find and prosecute them.

Well planned would have been to have scoped out the CCTV cameras and worn something like latex gloves. Not these geniuses.

Fortunately, their little ambush would net them the death penalty, but I know how the criminal justice system works and predict that they get something less than that. How does life in prison sound? As someone who has taken the course on death penalty, I know that is a more probable outcome.

So, Life in prison, 20-40 years, or the death penalty as a possible outcome for the four stooges.

Of course, another outcome is that one turns "rat" for a sweetheart deal and the others get the death penalty.

So, I am waiting for an arrest by the end of next week (7 July). Max time for arrest being the end of July or early August.

Anyway, yet another young woman is buried before her time. Sad.

The only people who can make crime pay are law enforcement, lawyers, security personnel, and alarm system companies.