31 July 2009

The politics of Beer.

I am pleased to see Field Negro attack Obama on his choice of Beer. Although, I think there were better choices of beer than Red Stripe. I mean just because the beer comes from Jamaica does not make it black. In fact, Red Stripe is owned by Diageo plc, and you can learn more about them from their webpage.

Anyway, Are you saying there aren't any decent black microbrews in the USA? What a shame. This is a business opportunity for some enterprising young black American!

It's neat to think about this anecdote: One morning, two youngsters came upon each other in the offices of West Indies Mineral and Table Water Company in Kingston, Jamaica. "My name is Thomas Hargreaves Geddes," said the newcomer. The other smiled. "Glad to make your acquaintance! I've been here a bit. I'm Eugene Desnoes." And thus, Desnoes and Geddes (the original brewers of Red Stripe) was born.

So, sorry, FN, but I thought the Red Stripe choice was sort of stereotypical on Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Junior's part. Not that I dislike Red Stripe, but it's sort of like going for a Bud if you're a white guy (or worse--Coors). Not that it's bad, but just not very deep from someone who is a professor at Haahhvaad.

There are African and Caribbean beers the distinguished prof and prez could have quaffed. Here is another blogger's run down on the choices

Red Stripe
One of Jamaica’s most famous exports, Red Stripe lager is produced by Desnoes and Geddes Limited, a prominent Jamaican beverage company that, until it was bought out in the 1990s, also produced soft drinks and local versions of Guinness and Heineken. Red Stripe is now owned by Diageo Holdings, which also owns Guinness, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, Johnie Walker, and other famous brands. It’s an exotic brand run by a very Western company, but it tastes a heck of a lot better than Bud Light.

I would have picked something from the Carib brewing company if I were the prof. Carib is still a West Indian company, whereas D&G is part of a conglomerate.

Here is the low down on the prez's choice from the same source
Bud Light
People are saying Jesse Jackson’s son owns a distributorship in Chicago, so Obama’s choice is political. I think he just wants to watch his figure. Bud Light is the perfect drink for a moderate: It doesn’t have as many calories as regular beer, but it still counts as beer.

I have to admit that I am really ticked that Whitbreads is history and Youngs has taken over British Brewing (despite the fact that I still use my Young's Bitter umbrella after 20 years). Smaller is better in terms of beer!