29 July 2009

I like this...

Media Declares "Victory" For Gun Rights As Second Amendment Is Systematically Destroyed
DC handgun ban case poses grave threat to constitutional rights

Steve Watson
Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Comments made by justices in an ongoing landmark case, which seeks to address the very meaning of the second amendment, have been heralded as a "victory" for the individual right to bear arms, but in reality the Second Amendment is being completely eroded altogether.

Funny, but when people deconstruct and think about this decision, it shows up for being the POS it is.

Of course, most people don't think about it.

Now, another theme which is beginning to come out of this blog is that the media is controlled by those in power. Finding accurate and useful information can be a real task. In fact, critical thinking skills are highly important for the internet age as information can be duplicated and repeated. Certain viewpoints are given prominance. Yet few people actually think for themselves and have the critical thinking tools to do so.

Think tanks, such as the Cato Institute (which ran the DC v. Heller case), control the ideas presented. Dissenting points of view are minimised or called wrong.

As someone with very unpopular political views, views that go against the ruling elite such as distaste for Zionism (the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland), the Second Amendment Scholarship, rampant military power, wedge issues, the sham political system, and so forth, I know that there are people who are paid to harass bloggers with unpopular opinions in order to silence them. This is the reason I don't take comments or messages.

These special interest groups can get away with this because they are not under public scrutiny. In fact, they operate openly.

I am amazed at the amount of people who talk about the Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilateral Commission and so forth, yet miss that the DC v. Heller case was bankrolled by a special interest group: the Cato Institute. Not only that, Levy boasts about using the legal system rather than legislation to further his agenda. Yet few red lights are blinking in people's heads.

Messages like the one I started this post with are not the ones most people talk about. They talk about how the Supreme Court affirmed "the individual right", whatever that is.

I am amazed that people like that can call me and people like me "sheeple".

As I keep saying, be afraid, be very afraid.