10 July 2009

The latest in the Rian thal case.

Just being a curious poopster, I decided to check out Katoya Jones's record and cases (MC-51-CR-0030337-2009 and MC-51-CR-0030338-2009). I know the UJS portal isn't considered an official record, but what the heck. Ms. Jones may have had a prior contact with the system in a traffic court appeal, CP-51-SA-9907678-2006, but that's not really criminal as most of us have disputed a traffic charge.

Funny, but for someone who lived in a ritzy apartment complex Ms. Jones appears to have a court appointed attorney, Michael Medway. Please excuse me if I am reading the docket sheet incorrectly, but that's how I read entry #2, 07/09/2009--Appointment Notice. That and the notation "Court Appointed" next to the attorney info. Medway's being appointed on the first listing of the preliminary hearing led to a continuance based upon the attorney being recently retained/appointed. Also, the preliminary hearing is listed in room 306, which is a super duper murder trial room.

I mean if I were really curious, I could go to the courthouse and watch the drama live and in person. On the other hand, if you want that sort of commentary, you had better be willing to pay me.

So, I will just check out the UJS portal and make my own conclusions, but I am pretty sure there is more video out there from this article. The cops usually know more than they tell the media.

So, I am sort of correct about the first arrest, even though Ms. Jones isn't a big fish, but she is big enough to be in Riverside Correctional Facility for the time being. I am surprised the docket sheets don't show her bail.

So, that it straight from the pooch.