02 August 2009

If you want to contact me:

A crossword type clue to friend me:

Less common half of leader prime minister parodied we hear by a Devonshire (Burma?) rice wine Alice spied as the opposition Grosvenor is the place!

That will sort out the non-literary types and probably net me loads of political history buffs.

I remember one Times clue that was "she disrupts conversation" which I took to be "Thatcher" but was actually "Chatter". The above clue is sort of similar.

Oh come on, it can't be that hard since he was the first real Prime Minister.

...and if you're that determined to talk to me to figure this out (or know the answer): I would be more than happy to add you as a friend.

Editorial Comment: The fun thing is that I just learned that there are a couple of possibilities for one part of the clue up there, but only one proper answer for this...and there are more than enough pointers to the correct answer.