02 August 2009

I was curious about this one

Eugene Vol, er he who should not be named, had a post in response to some linkage he didn't find very appealing:

NO, THANK YOU: Visitors from StormFront, which linked to this site as a sample of what Web logs are -- please go away. There's nothing technical I can do to stop you reading my page, but since you want to spread your "pro-white and anti-Jew message," would my being a Jew help persuade you to just close the window? That's right, Jew. In fact, of the nonanonymous bloggers on this site, the great majority are Jews, and the others -- well, they're only worse, because they're Aryans who seem to like Jews, no?

Look, if you're still reading, don't you get it? We call ourselves The Vol, er he who should not be named, Conspiracy. That's obviously an allusion to the International Jewish Conspiracy, no? One of the creators of the Internet was Leonard Kleinrock -- coincidence? I think not! We control the banks; we control the media; we're sleeping with your daughters; now we're controlling cyberspace. What's the point of resisting, really?

I have always thought the white pride crowd to be thick, but it's amusing they haven't caught that one. Even more amusing they haven't caught on about who ran DC v. Heller!

But if they are that dim...

Ach, sind sie Gesamtdummköpfe. Sie es shame weiß sein! Schlechter sprechen sie nicht Deutsches!