04 August 2009

If you can't beat--them wear them out...

I have been wanting to write a piece about professional keyboard warriors since I've heard that there are actually professional keyboard warriors out there who will flood blogs of people whom you disagree with obnoxious comments. That is a major reason I cut comments on my blog.
Sorry, but I am correct that the Second Amendment's purpose was to ensure the efficacy of the militia organised under article I, Section 8. There is no personal appplication other than being able to serve in such a body, which is what most Second Amendment/RKBA types don't understand. No, out of context, incomplete misquotation will persuade me otherwise. But that is a digression.

This post isn't about your comments, it's about the type of thing that had me blocked for a few hours--using tricks to flood the internet with one's opinions.The purpose of a splog can be to increase the PageRank or backlink portfolio of affiliate websites, to artificially inflate paid ad impressions from visitors, and/or use the blog as a link outlet to get new sites indexed. These people promote affiliated websites and/or increase the search engine rankings of associated sites and make repetitive posts of the same item.

So, there is a reason that any search on "Second Amendment" comes up with shitloads of "RKBA" material, but one has to really dig to find the opposing viewpoint.

I found it interesting that Vol, er he who should not be named, wrote his comment to the white supremecists at StormFront in an article on Search Engine Optimisation Tutorial for Website Owners! To be quite honest, the "RKBA crowd" know their computer technology far better than they know their history or law.

Their strategy is to outnumber the opposition, And it seems the strategy is two pronged: Flood the internet with posts filled with their opinions and frustrate the opposition into silence.

I can't pin the blame solely on the RKBA crowd as the pro-Israel crowd also does the same thing as I am sure other special interest groups do as well. In fact, they are more likely to use hired hands (I wish I had the cite for that). The RKBA crowd is fervant enough to do their thing without too much encouragement.

Many of these virtually anonymous keyboard warriors are dispatched for the sole purpose of proliferating propaganda. They repeat the same cliche soundbites which I don't need to repeat and use the same discredited surveys. All these people bring to the discussion is an assumed nomenclature designed to create a false image of power and popularity in the mind of readers of their comments. But people are becoming hip to this political subterfuge making its continuation is a waste of time.

Still there are people who want auto-posting software for newsgroups, such as this person:
I need a software that will automatically make comments on other peoples blogs so that they will want to come see my blog.

Or this one:
I have a guy that was building a blog bot for me that would extract the urls of other blog pages and then comment on those blog pages. Some blog places have a capcha code so his bot would intergrate with decaptcher.com so the capcha codes are entered by humans.

Supposedly this software does exist and failing that, people do the following:
-Detect blogs with the tags that you want.
-Post comments with the username, url, email and comment that you want. (will be able to randomly choose from as many as comment templates you want to add)

The problem is that any comment on the Second Amendment that dares raise that it isn't about self-defence or personal ownership of firearms outside the militia context is swamped with comments.

Bryan Miller said it pretty well in one of his commentaries:
For my pro-gun pals, who delight at filling up the Comments section that follows each of my entries with hostile and emotional admonitions under the banner of so-called 'rational discourse' (I hope readers will take a look at some of their incestuous craziness)...chill. Whatever apoplexy this entry may cause you, it ain't worth splitting a gut over - we'll all survive, whatever. But, keep those cards and letters coming, nonetheless.

Sorry, but the best way to defeat tyranny isn't by buying a gun, it's by writing and getting ideas out there. That's why the First Amendment covers freedom of expression and any dissident knows that words are far more powerful than bullets.

Truth can withstand scrutiny. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who do not want to examine their ideas too deeply. Or others to have the tools to scrutinise their ideas and see opposing opinions.

So, they try to shout down the opposition.