06 September 2008

This is not a beauty contest Mrs. Palin!

Washington, DC is full of sharks and "Sarah Barracuda" will be shark food.

Her handlers are doing a wonderful job of keeping her out of the public eye and in an arena where she will be turned into mooseburgers. I mean why did she name her daughter a word that means "tits" anyway? I can't keep my mind off of that one and it would be a scream if the late night crowd found that one and started harping on it.

But what do you expect from a woman who has never been out of the US?

I am not sure if she considers the US a foreign country anyway.

I mean even though they are obfuscating her connections to the Alaskan Independence Party, that video makes me really question her connections to it.

I mean would Margaret Thatcher have done a welcome video for the Scottish National Party? She was for competition as well.

We need the truth here!

Anyway, I make no bones about it, my loyalties are to the UK, not the USA. So, Sarah, you are in good company!

At least Ms. Palin is willing to put her son where her mouth is as far as the Iraq war. Will she be so confident of a victory if he comes back in a box, or without some of his limbs?

Sorry, Sarah, but you are no Mrs. Pritchard.

You will be ripped to shreds.